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Maxim Mini

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The Platers Workshop

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The Platers Workshop is a new compact electroplating system that allows even the amateur to professionally plate jewelry, antiques, auto accessories, motorcycles, marine items, PC boards, electronics hobbyists with ease.  "Includes 4oz 24k Liquid Gold for immersion plating, 8oz Chrome Stripper, 8oz Nickel Activator, Manual on CD, Plating Anode, Free Tech Support.


Input: 90-250VAC 60Hz
Outputs: From 3 To 12VDC Selectable
Enclosed, Benchtop, regulated switching supply.

Switch selectable output.

Front panel Power switch,

Select switch & Binding posts.

6ft. 2 wire input power cord with 2 blade plug.

 Gold Plating is a 3 step process,

First apply chrome Stripper, 15 second
second apply Nickel Activator, 15 second
and then apply Gold, 15 to 30 second
If plating on Silver you don't use chemicals, Apply Gold directly to Silver.
Full instruction is included on CD
Same process applies to all our machines